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Introducing The Gaming Academy

The Swana Awards was founded in 2022

The SWANA Awards is an International award program that focuses on highlighting developers from underrepresented areas of Southwest Asia and Northern Africa. This area of the world has been hugely under-represented, and in many ways mis-represented, so this is our chance to make a difference. Our program will make it much harder for the international games industry to overlook a region made up of thirty countries and hundreds of millions of people.

We offer a wide array of categories aimed at creating an enjoyable experience

Game of the Year
Best Game Design
Best Creative Direction
Best Original Music
Best Community Management
Best Game for Change
Most Innovative Game
Best Multiplayer Game
Best Action Game
Best Strategy Game
Best Narrative Game
Best Sports Game
Best SWANA Localization (Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, etc.)
Beat SWANA Content Creator
Best SWANA Representation (Foreign Studio)
Worst SWANA Representation (Foreign Studio)
Best Mobile Game (SWANA Studio)
Best PC/Console Game (SWANA Studio)
Best Debut Game (SWANA Studio)

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

Throughout the year, our focus lies in discovering, communicating, and bringing forward developers and studios from the region to the stage of the SWANA Awards, hoping that by celebrating their achievements and giving exposure to their work, we will be helping these studios compete and break through, adding their own voices and colors to the industry.

The SWANA Awards will also be fundraising, looking for grants, and seeking publishers throughout the year to award developers who need funding an opportunity to develop their games. If you have a pitch, please

We would appreciate your support in spreading the word on social media about our program, so we can build a bigger network of developers, content creators, and publishers.

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