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Introducing The Gaming Academy

SWANA wide event for new and experienced game creators

Have you ever been interested in the game making process or wanted to create your own video game? Are you captivated by the beautiful landscapes you see while walking through the lands with your favorite digital character? Maybe the music of indie games makes you feel at home, or the storyline moves you in ways you didn’t believe possible. Whatever the case, if you’re interested in learning about games, look no further than the Gaming Academy!

The Gaming Academy (GA) is an initiative focused on teaching anyone interested in game development how to do so. From the development, to design, art, music, storytelling, and the business side of things, the GA will cover all areas of game creation. Experts from the local and global scenes will be giving sessions on their field, sharing their knowledge with all the participants interested in the event. The best part is, there’s no previous experience required, and it’s absolutely free to join. All you need is to bring your motivation and consistency to the scene.

Enter the Academy with a previously made team, or form one as the workshops progress so you can then pitch your own game idea. The judging panel will choose five groups with the highest potential and match them with mentors from the industry who will help them work on their game. Finally, these teams will present their completed prototypes to the judges once more, and the winning games will be aided with funding and moving forward towards the global market.

If learning about games, meeting like-minded people, or creating your own game all seem like things that spark your interest, then sign up now to the Gaming Academy and make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so you don’t miss any of our updates!

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